Taramasalata - Monjay Mezza
Taramasalata 500g


MonJay Mezza’s Taramasalata is a delicious blend of cured roe fresh onion and breadcrumbs.

Step right up, folks! Feast your taste buds on our delightful concoction known as taramasalata - the irresistible, creamy wonder that'll have you licking your lips and begging for more!This stuff is so versatile, it could moonlight as a one-man band! Picture this: slather it on a Caesar salad and give those taste buds a tango they won't forget! Feeling adventurous? How about jazzing up your pizza game by spreading this magic sauce on your dough and topping it with the freshest seafood in town?Trust us, you'll be thanking your lucky stars you stumbled upon this culinary gem. With taramasalata, the flavour train only stops at Deliciousville!

Product Contents

Contains Egg, Gluten, Fish and Soy. May Contain Traces of Milk, Sesame and Tree Nuts.

Keep refrigerated at less than 5ºC. Consume within 4 days of opening. DO NOT FREEZE.

Fish Roe (20%)(Soy Bean Flour, Salt, Colour 124, Thickener 466)

Vegetable Oil
Breadcrumbs (Wheat Flour, Gluten,Yeast and Water)
Citric Acid
Preservative 202.

Servings per package: 20 gServing Size: 10
Avg Quantity per serveAvg Quantity per 100g
Energy400 kJ2000 kJ
Protein1.9 g9.6 g
Fat (Total)7.7 g38.6 g
Fat (Saturated)0.9 g4.3 g
Carbohydrates4.6 g23.0 g
Carbohydrates (Sugars)0.4 g1.8 g
Sodium95.6 mg478 mg
Our Taramasalata is available in tubs of 200g, 2kg and 5kg.