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Hummus and Prawn Bruschetta


Not much needs to be done to enjoy our products, Break open a packet of your favourite crackers or cut a carrot into batons and dip away. Or simply arrange our delicious finger foods on a platter and watch them crowd around. But the potential of our range is so much more, and we want to prove it. So we've created our very own recipe page to show you the versatility of our products. Dips to marinate or bake with, finger food transformed into main meals - the limit is your imagination.


Cooking. Sometimes you just don’t have the energy for it. And for all its convenience, takeaway is expensive, especially when you consider the complementary side of guilt.

So where can we find that fabled middle-ground of easy, tasty, nutritious and inexpensive meals? Right here, of course, at Monjay Mezza.

Our Hummus and Prawn Bruschetta is the perfect example of the Goldilocks meal – convenient, delicious and kind to the wallet. The trick to these sorts of meals is making use of ingredients most people have in their pantry or fridge on a regular basis. Bread for the bruschetta? Tick. Our Hummus with Roasted Capsicum & Jalapeno? Tick (or whichever Monjay dip you currently have in the fridge – surely, like most people, you always have at least one going?). Herbs? There’s always a bunch of some variety in the veggie drawer. We call for chives here, but others would work just as well: parsley, thyme, basil, oregano… A lemon? Everyone has at least one rolling around somewhere in the fridge or in the fruit bowl. If not, pick one form your neighbour’s tree.

On your way home from work, drop into the supermarket and pick up a tray of cooked prawns – and you’re done. A small – minute – amount of prep, and you’ll have a quick, inexpensive, tasty and healthy meal on your plate.




Not much to this one. Get a griddle pan on to high heat and rub a little olive oil on to both sides of the bread slices. When the pan is hot and smoking, add the bread, pushing it into the griddles. Give it a couple of minutes either side or until you get nice brown charry lines.

(Considering this is supposed to be a quick, easy meal, you can just use a toaster. Obviously, in this case, rub the olive oil into the bread after it’s toasted, not before.)

Spread some hummus over the grilled bread, then top with the prawns. Scatter over the chives, squeeze the lemon over, and you’re done. Quicker than takeaway.

Monjay Mezza is the home of traditional Middle Eastern Dips, Finger Food and Desserts.

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